Our Team

We are on a mission of inclusion!

Dr. Brent Fields

President/ Chief Executive Officer
Start Date: 11/2021

Claudia Pina

Executive Assistant
Start Date: 07/2021

Robert Cervantes

Chief Financial Officer
Start Date: 09/2018

I am crazy about ancient history and future technology.

Brooke Kearney

Chief Development Officer
Start Date: 12/2019

My favorite TV shows are The Golden Girls and The Office. Also, I love collecting miniature things! Oh, and I LOVE animals.

Leslie Mouton

Chief Marketing Officer
Start Date: 01/2021

I'm a breast cancer survivor, proud mom of a 22 year old daughter, married to a retired Air Force fighter pilot and love to exercise. My favorite workout is boxing!

Brooke Matula

Sports & Recreational Therapy Director
Start Date: 01/2015

I love to rebuild/ fix furniture.

Nikki Young

Entertainment Director
Start Date: 02/2013

I've lived a real life romantic comedy moment...in 2017, my then shy & reserved boyfriend recruited Tom Hanks, to pop the question for him to this unsuspecting super fan girl in front of a crowd of 1000+ and it went viral.

Bob McCullough, APR

Communications Director
Start Date: 02/2010

My favorite birds are penguins. I have traveled thousands of miles with Magellanic penguins that served as goodwill ambassadors for another theme park.

Sharon Newhardt

Program Director
Start Date: 07/2019

Laura Patton

Accounting/ HR Manager
Start Date: 08/2021

Caitlyn Lankford

Social Media Manager
Start Date: 09/2021

Marina de Hoyos

Website Manager
Start Date: 10/2021