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Where Your Donations Go

When you donate to the Morgan’s Wonderland Family, you help provide much-needed spaces and programs that offer support and fun to everyone. Whether you make a general donation or donate directly to a specific program, you turn the power of ME into the power of WE.

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More than Just a Theme Park

A place for people of all abilities to play

Morgan’s Wonderland theme park started our journey of inclusion. It is the world’s first theme park designed for people of all ages and all abilities. The park offers free admission to all guests with special needs. There is truly something for everyone, from a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel to catch-and-release fishing.

The park’s mission of inclusion is a never-ending journey, and every bit of support helps. When you visit, volunteer, or donate, your efforts are helping us provide spaces of inclusion to everyone. 


"Thank you for giving my girl wings of joy..."

-Morgan Grubola Vonberg

More Than Just a Splash Park

A place for people of all abilities to splash

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a revolutionary splash park that is built accessibility-first. This tropical island paradise has colorful splash pads, waterproof wheelchairs, warm water activities, and more to accommodate all kinds of visitors and their needs. Much like our theme park, Inspiration Island is the first of its kind where inclusion is built into everything.

There will always be more fun to add and to have! We’d love and appreciate any support you can give. 



"My grandson doesn't speak, his expression says it all."

- Ann Clifton

More Than Just A Camp

Designed for people of all abilities

Morgan’s Wonderland Camp is an Ultra-Accessible™,        fully-inclusive camp built for everyone to enjoy. This program puts inclusion of people with physical and developmental disabilities first, giving them an opportunity to enjoy summer-camp-type activities in every way. Every cabin, activity, and facility is built so every camper can have the full experience. Our camp program offers a      one-of-a-kind experience to those with disabilities as well as those without.

We would love to add more activities and facilities to our campsite and need your help to do it!

"Everything is new and built with different abilities in mind."

- James Nichols

More Than Just A Sports Facility

Where people of all abilities can play ball

Our 3-acre Ultra-Accessible™ complex offers fitness and fun for athletes of all ages and all abilities. Designed with maximum flexibility, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports can be configured to meet the needs of various programs at any given time. Our three main programs include STRAPS, a Paralympic-style sports program for both adults and children with physical disabilities, Open Play, which allows any and all to use our facility, and the upcoming Inclusive Sports program for athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

You can help expand both the facilities and programs when you donate or volunteer.



"It's life-changing experience..."

- Cory, STRAPS Athlete

More Than Just a Health Facility

A one-stop-shop to meet all needs of individuals with disabilities

All too often, individuals with special needs get fragmented, uncoordinated health care and social services spread all over the community. The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ will provide medical and non-medical services for individuals with special needs of all ages under one roof. These services will be integrated, coordinated, and provided through an innovative care model we are calling The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model™.

While we are currently working towards launching this  one-of-a-kind healthcare environment, we need help from the community! When you donate towards The MAC you can help ensure the well-being of individuals with disabilities.


"...it is a spirit and intent to honor people with disabilities and the families that care for them"

- Cara L. Magrane, MBA