Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland Seeking Original Art To Decorate New Building

SAN ANTONIO – The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland, or The MAC, is looking for a few good pieces of art.

Actually, The MAC is seeking 35 original paintings to decorate its new, three-story, 165,000-square-foot home when the unique new center begins its mission of helping children and adults with special needs later this year.

Knowledge gained by world-renowned Morgan’s Wonderland through countless interactions with individuals with special needs spurred creation of The MAC, said CEO Allan Castro. Located at Wurzbach Parkway and Thousand Oaks Drive within walking distance of the Ultra-Accessible™, fully-inclusive theme park, The MAC will bring together more than 30 partner organizations under one roof. Its innovative, “one-stop-shop” MAC Care Model will enable individuals to get the life-improving assistance they need in one location and prevent having to crisscross the community seeking help.

“Artists throughout the community are invited to submit design concepts for the paintings that will be on display throughout the building,” said Jana Grohman, chief operating officer. “This includes MACers, community members or partners who will be offering medical, therapeutic and community services to individuals at The MAC. The artwork should be based on interpretation of our core values – Empower, Include, Educate, Innovate – and what these words mean in interactions with individuals with special needs.”

Each artist must submit a design concept by March 31. If the review committee accepts the concept, the artist will be notified by April 18 and be provided with acrylic paints to create the approved concept on a 4×5 canvas, Grohman explained. The painting must include The MAC’s basic colors of purple, orange, yellow and green. Additional colors may be used, but no mixing or combining of The MAC colors will be permitted. The final painting must be received by June 1.

For complete details and a submission form, visit

When The MAC becomes operational, specially-educated Navigators will guide clients to the providers that can help them and track progress, Castro said. This method of providing services in a coordinated manner will establish a new standard of care, not only in San Antonio but across the nation as well as internationally. More information about The MAC can be found at

The MAC is part of Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative, the non-profit, umbrella organization that coordinates planning, fundraising and communications among the Morgan’s Wonderland “Family” of ventures designed with those with special needs in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment. These include world-renowned Morgan’s Wonderland, award-winning Morgan’s Inspiration Island splash park, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports complex and Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, which offers a summer-camp-type experience year-round. For more information about Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative, visit

Ultra-Accessible™ refers to removing both physical and economic barriers that confront children and adults with special needs. This means that those with and without special needs can come together in a fully-inclusive environment for fun and a better understanding of one another.

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